A holdings company is company registered for the purpose of buying and owning shares in other companies. The other companies are known as subsidiaries. Usually the holding company does not produce goods or services, or take part in the daily operations of the business. Instead, it often owns assets that subsidiary companies use. A holdings company is also known as a ‘parent company’.

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Registering a holding company

Registering a holding company in Zimbabwe is exactly the same as registering a standard Private Limited Company. You will have to provide the following information on an application form:

  • 3-5 proposed company names
  • Business objectivities
  • Directors information
  • Shareholders information
  • Company addresses
  • Company secretary details

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After you register a holdings company you will receive:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • CR 5
  • CR 6
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

Frequently asked questions

What do I register first; a subsidiary or holding company?

A holding company is created to own shares in other companies so you need to register a subsidiary first. Its the subsidiary that gives birth to the holdings company.