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How long does company registration usually take?

It usually takes 5-7 working days to register a company, although it can take even more depending on the Companies Registry workload.

If it is important your company is incorporated as soon as possible we recommend you request for the Guaranteed three Day Service to your order.

What are the requirement for company registration in Zimbabwe?
  1. 3 – 5 proposed company names
  2. Company director’s information – name(s), national identity number, nationality and address
  3. Shareholder’s information – names(s) and address
  4. Company’s physical, postal and physical address
  5. Company core objectives
Can anyone be a Zimbabwean director?

Anyone who is aged 16 and over and not disqualified from being a director or an undicharged bankrupt can be a director of a director in a  Zimbabwean company.

Another company cannot be a director in a company but can only be a shareholder.

Can you take my company registration order by telephone?

Yes. If you are not confident registering a new company on your own, call or WhatsApp our team of experts on +263 778 702 715 or +263 (0242) 709 883 and we will be happy to complete your company registration order over the telephone.

Can I get an update when my company has been registered?

Once we lodge your company documents with the Companies Registry, we cannot get any information on its progress – we just have to wait for it to be successfully incorporated or rejected.

As soon as it is incorporated, we will inorm you by telephone or WhatsApp. If in the event it is rejected, we will deal with it immediately and be in touch with you if necessary.

What package do I need?

First of all, you will need to ascertain what your requirements are:

If you need any help, please feel free to talk to our customer service team at +263 778 702 715 or +263 (0242) 709 883.

How do I de-register my company?

We offer our company de-registration service to all companies which costs US$199.99.

If the company has traded, you will have to make sure all filing is up to date with  the Companies Registry and ZIMRA and all taxes are paid.


Can I register a company if I do not live in Zimbabwe?

Yes. You can register a Zimbabwean company, however, you need to be 16 years old or over and not be a non-discharged bankrupt. You will also need a Zimbabwean physical company address.

Do I need have to use a non-residents package?

No, you can register your company using any of our company registration packages, however, the Non-Residents Package provides you with a full set of address services that you will need to set up and run your company, as well as a local director who will assist with all the statutory compliance and bank opening issues services depending on the package you choose.

After I have registered my company - do I get any support from 'Companies'?

Yes. As a client of Companies, you will get free support by telephone, email, WhatsApp or live chat for the lifetime of your company.

How much will the Non-Residents Package cost after the first year?

The Non-Residents Package is a company registration package, and so it does not renew, however, there are renewable services within the package: The three address services and the Annual Return service. If you choose to renew all 4 services, the cost will be US$199.00 per year.

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