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A Zimbabwean registered company may assume a name other than its registered name for use in conducting business in Zimbabwe, this is called a trade name or assumed name. Before using the trade name (assumed name) the company should inform the Companies Registry of their intention to adopt a trade name.

Companies provides a professional service to register your company’s trade name on your behalf. Once the file search and name search ahs been conducted and the documentation has been completed and signed, and the submission made at Companies Registry, the trade name should be registered within 7-9 working days, although it can be shorter dependent on the Registrar’s workload.

We will prepare the required documentation for the trade name registration under the authority of the members of the company, including the write up and filing of all the the forms at the Companies Registry.

What’s included in our price?

  • Name search.
  • Completion and filing of the registration of assumed name (trade name) form.
  • Minutes – The company directors should pass minutes to use a trade name and file the Minutes in their company records.
  • Written Resolution – Existing shareholders must agree to use a trade name by signing a special resolution.
  • Certificate of assumed name.

How it works?

  • Order by calling or WhatsApp 0778 702 715 or 0242 (709 884.
  • We will request for the company name and/or company number and we conduct a file search and produce a statutory report.
  • You make payment.
  • You will receive signing documents in 1-2 working days by email, including the meeting minutes and the special resolution or you can sign at our offices.
  • We will file the documents with the Companies Registry.
  • You will then receive a certificate of name assumed name together with the accompanying documents.

Important points to note:

  • Outstanding annual returns and share capital redenomination should be updated concurrently with the trade name registration.

Register your trade name – from US$110.00

Order by calling or WhatsApp +263 778 702 715 or +263 (0242) 709 884 now if you wish to change your company name.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it usually take to register my trade name?

It usually takes around 11 – 15 working days in total to register a trade name with the Companies Registry. We will conduct a file search and produce a statutory report, conduct a name search which is usually approved wihin 24 working hours to determine the availability of the proposed company trade name. We will send you documents to sign within 1-2 working days, by email, WhatsApp or you can sign at our offices.

Once you have confirmed to us that the documents have been signed, it will take 7-9 working days for your trade name to be registred with Companies Registry. We will then notify you on the same day the trade name is registered.

What will I need to provide to register my trade name?

You would need to provide your company name and/or company number and your proposed trade name.

What documents will I receive after I register my trade name?

You will receive a certificate of assumed name.

Who else should I inform that I am now using a trade name?

You will need to inform the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). You will also need to inform your bank, clients, suppliers, service providers, relevant authorities and other business contacts. Finally, don’t forget to update your company stationery and signage.

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