The company registration procedure

What information is required to register a company?

You must have 3-5 proposed company names, details of all directors, company secretary (optional) and shareholders, company addresses, and the core business objective. Please see our Requirements for company registration page for full details.

Why do I need a registered office address?

All Private Limited Companies are legally required to have a registered office address. Statutory mail will be sent here and the address details will be displayed on public record. Your company register (including all statutory registers) should also be stored here for inspection.

How long does it take to register a company?

Companies Made Simple is a Companies Registry registered consultant, and by using our services, you can complete your online or physical application (at our offices) application in 5 minutes and your company registration will usually be done within 7-9 working days. Please note that this is subject to the Companies Registry workload and at times they can take longer.

Why does my company have to be registered with the Companie Registry?

The Companies Registry is the registrar of companies in Zimbabwe. It is a legal requirement for all companies and private business corporations to register with  the Companies Registry.

Do I need to be physically there when registering my company?

Not neccessarily. You can complete your application online and we process the name search. Once the name search results are out, we will prepare the company documents and email you for signing and you return them back. However, we need originally signed documents.

Do I need to be a Zimbabwean resident to register a company?

You are not required to be a Zimbabwean resident in order to register a company or private business corporation. However, you would need at least one director who is ordinarily a resident of Zimbabwe.

How and when will I receive my new cmpany documents?

As soon as the Companies Registry incorporates your company, we will inform you that the company documents are ready for collection and you can collect at our offices or we can courier them to your preferred address.

How much does it cost to register a company?

Your company could be registered from as little as US$65.00 for a Private Business Corporation and US$130 for a Private Limited Company if you register through Companies Made Simple. This includes the Companies Registry lodging fee.

What are the Memorandum and Articles of Association?

The memorandum of association is a company registration document containing the details of a company’s original members (shareholders or guarantors) and their intention to form a company. Any share details will also be included here.

The articles of association prescribe the internal management, rules and regulations of a company and its liability. Together, these documents form the foundation of the company’s constitution.

What is a CR 5 Form?

The CR 5 (former CR6) form is a company registration document containing the details of a company’s addresses including physical, postal and email address.

What is a CR6 Form?

The CR6 (former CR14) form is a company registration document containing the details of a company’s directors, secretary, and principal officer including their names, national identity number, nationality and address.

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