Company re-registration in Zimbabwe – from US$65.00

Need to continue trading with your company? Re-register it today – and save time and money on annual filings.

Why re-register your company?

  • The Companies and Other Business Entities Act requires you to.
  • Avoid having an involuntary dissolution on your public record as a director, protecting your reputation as a director.
  • All the work is done by us, all you need to do is sign the application to de-register.
  • We will use our best endeavours to iron out all problems and obstacles.

What’s included in our price?

  • Companies Registry fee.
  • Completion and filing of the company re-registration form – (the application to re-register a company).
  • Board Resolution to approve the company re-registration.

What do I need to do?

Simply order the srvice and we will do the rest.

How it works?

  • Order by calling or WhatsApp 077 470 9378 or 0242 (709 884.
  • We will request for the company name and/or company number and we conduct a file search.
  • You make payment.
  • You will receive your Board Resolution by email within 3 to 5 working hours – simply sign and store it for safekeeping or you can sign at our offices.
  • The director(s) will receive the company re-registraton application by email or they can sign at our offices.
  • We will file the documents at Companies Registry.
  • We will inform you by when the application to re-register your company has been accepted.

Important points to note:

  • Outstanding annual returns and share capital redenomination should be updated concurrently with the company re-registration.

Re-register your company – from US$65.00

Order by calling or WhatsApp 077 470 9378 or +263 (0242) 709 884 now if you wish to de-register your company.

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Company re-registration in Zimbabwe frequently asked questions

How long does company re-registration in Zimbabwe take?

It usually takes the Companies Registry 7 to 9 days to re-register a company in Zimbabwe.

Do I get a new certificate of incorporation when I re-register my company?

No. You do not get a new certificate of incorporation.

What documents do I get after company re-registration?

You will get your company re-registration return copy.

Can I order this service even if I did not register a company with Companies?

Yes you can. Infact, you can order any of our services even if you did not register your company with Companies.

« If you want to re-register a company in Zimbabwe and you want a consultant who is fast, affordable and reliable – nobody is better than Companies. Company re-registration in Zimbabwe »

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